Cures for Boredom

Emily Oltmanns, Staff Writer

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Sometimes you get bored in school or at home, so I have some things to keep you occupied. Take note that if you are doing these things in school, you should finish your work first, but of course you can do these anytime you want at your house (these are mostly to do at home anyway).


  • Zentangle

Some people in art know what Zentangle is, but for those who don’t know, Zentangle is a series of shapes and lines to make a pattern. You can fill up a piece of notebook paper or just a sticky note; you can also Zentangle your binder. Look up Zentangle on Google and you can find sooooo many examples.

  • Exercise

Sometimes when we are bored we just need to get out there and ride a bike or take a walk. It can take your mind off things, especially if you do it with friends.

  • Write a story

You can always have fun if you write a story or if you just want to get your thoughts on paper. You can make up silly characters; anything you want can happen in your story. It’s a good way to pass the time.

  • Write a song or a piece of music

Writing music can help you express your feelings. It can also really annoy your siblings and correct me if I’m wrong, but everybody’s up for that. You can make it anything you want: happy or sad, fast or slow, show your feelings, you can’t go wrong.

I hope these ideas help you be less bored! Try to think of some of your own! Be creative and do some sports or hang out with friends, or just plain out start dancing in your room if you’re that desperate. Anyway, have fun not being bored!

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