My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Emily Reed, Staff Writer

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You might think that your family is bouncing-off-the-walls-crazy, that they embarrass you at every angle they can. Well, you would think that, unless you’ve heard of the Portokalos family. Toula is a Greek woman who doesn’t want to be Greek. She hates how it is, and she doesn’t want to be forced to marry a Greek man. But when she gives herself a personal and presentational makeover, she finds herself to be attracted to a non-Greek man. Her family tells her “no,” but her heart says “yes.” When the love of her life Ian Miller finally meets her parents, Toula knows that they don’t approve of their relationship. But that doesn’t stop Ian, or Toula. When Ian proposes to Toula, her parents have to learn how to respect him, even if it means he has to adopt Greek customs.

My family represents these two families. My mom’s side is crazy and wild, while my dad’s side acts very mundane and nonchalant, but does that mean that I don’t like my mom’s side? Of course not. I love that they’re crazy. Trust me, I am too. And Toula thinks the same thing.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding has easily crawled it’s way to one of my favorite movies. If you enjoy watching romance-comedies, then this movie is right up your alley.