Deadly Paradise

Olivia Smith, Staff Writer

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Mexico. It’s amazing, the views, the ocean, the food, and of course the palm trees gliding in the wind. But you forget about all of it and focus on the horror of it all.

I lay on my beach towel about to fall asleep tanning in the hot sun. I hear the screams of children and the waves crashing on the sand. My mind wanders and I start to fall sleep. The wind starts carrying up and I was fully awaken. I sit up and see the dark sky. Rain hit my legs and head as I saw the family’s rushing inside. I get up and put my beach towel on top of my head although I was already wet.

I rush to find my parents but can’t find them. I walk around the beach as sirens hit my ears. I run inside. I look around, no one.  I run to the elevators. They aren’t working. I see waves crashing and no sand. I see the pool over taken by water and almost me. I run up the stairs faster then I would to the fridge. I see my ankles in water. I run faster this time up to the 6th floor. The water is no where to be seen. I look for any room that is open. I run all the way down to the hallway.

A door is open. I walk in. “Is anyone here? I need help!” I scream. Nothing, I run over to the balcony and look out in the dark clouds. I see the water filling every square inch that’s on the surface of earth. I don’t know what to do. I just sit there and watch as my life goes away. I take in my family is gone. Everyone I loved is gone. How am I going to get home? I go sit down on the bed. I try my hardest to fall asleep.

I try to tell myself that this isn’t real. It’s all a fantasy. Something in my mind. It’s not working and I’m not sleeping. I get up and search the room for anything that might help me survive. I find a flashlight, $10, and water. It’s hard for me to think that the people who slept in this room are probably dead. I run out the room and run to the elevator.

Still not working. I try to open more rooms if I’m going to survive. I find one more room. Inside I find more water, money that I’m guessing was for the maid and some clothes that could fit me. I lay down on the bed actually tired this time I slowly start to go to sleep.

I hear waves crashing and the screaming of children. I open my eyes to right where I was before. I sit up and see my parents laying in their lawn chairs.