All About Pentatonix

Aubree Magers, Staff Writer

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If you don’t know who Pentatonix is, you’re about to. They are a very talented a capella band who do covers of songs and have a few originals. If you don’t know what a capella is, go look it up, because I have other things to talk about. Anyway, Pentatonix usually perform covers of whatever is new and popular and sometimes put a twist to the song in their own way. I could sit here and tell you about every member in the band, but to save time, I’ll just tell you the members and what part they play.

Kirstie Maldanado- Kirstie is the only girl in the group. She sings the part of mezzo soprano.

Mitch Grassi – tenor

Scott Hoying – baritone

Kevin Olusola – beat boxer, and he plays the cello

Avi Kaplan – bass

These people, oh my gosh they’re so talented. They have 10 albums and three of them are Christmas albums. They have one original album that is called Pentatonix. (I own it, by the way). The way they got the recognition they have was by winning the television show the Sing Off. After winning that, they used what they won to boost them, but that didn’t last very long, so they used YouTube to grow instead. The origins for Pentatonix started in Texas. Mitch, Scott, and Kirstie were friends long before the Sing Off, and since the Sing Off is a show meant for a capella, they needed a bass and a beat boxer, so they met Avi through a friend, and Kevin through YouTube by seeing one of his videos of him beat boxing and playing the cello. And so, Pentatonix continued their path to success, and are getting better and better.

And getting me to love them even more.