Is It Really the End?

Vanessa Rimpson, Staff Writer

Yes, it is almost the end of the year. MAP testing is going by quickly and the long list of morning announcements you want to be over is coming to an end. The year has flown by so fast. We need to finish off even stronger than we thought we could. 

Although the year is almost over, we must continue learning. Ugh! Yeah, I know. Hey, maybe you will be ahead in all your classes for next year. Stay ahead and fresh on everything you learned.  

This year might not have been your year, but the new year will be yours, so let’s get a little boost. There are many websites you can use to learn. I’ve got you covered on math, science, and reading/ELA with some great websites listed below: , ,   

Just find the math problems, interesting videos, or the right article. Learning can be fun; you just have to stick with it to see what you are really interested in! 

Good luck, Paul Kinder students!