Shadowhunters Coming to TV

Shelby Waters, Staff Writer

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Are you familiar with the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Claire? Whether you have read the books, seen the movie, or are just joining the fandom now, you should definitely take a look at the new TV series!

You read that right: There is going to be a Shadowhunters TV series. The show is going to be airing the first episode on January 12th at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

If you are not familiar with the books or movie, Shadowhunters is about Clary Fray, an average teenager. She has a best friend named Simon and she loves to draw. Simon and Clary decide to go into a night club one night, and Clary witnesses a murder. The only problem is no one else but Clary can see the murderer. The next day, Simon takes Clary out for coffee. This is where Clary sees the murderer again, and she decides to talk to him. Jace, the murderer, explains that he is a shadowhunter and that the “person” he killed was a demon. And since she can also see Jace, she must be a shadowhunter as well. Clary is forced into the shadowhunter world with Simon and she uncovers truths about shadowhunters, her family, Simon, and herself.

I hope you decide to tune in and check out Katherine McNamara as Clary Fray on ABC’s Shadowhunters!

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