Game Review: No Man’s Sky

Aubree Magers, Staff Writer

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No Man’s Sky is a game where you have access to a whole universe. The planets you go to, and the journeys you go on, is all up to you. When you first enter the game, you are put on a planet that is completely randomized, and it is very likely that no one else will be there. Although, there is an extremely small chance that you will run into another player. No Man’s Sky is a very new game, coming out just a week ago on the PS4 and on the 19th for the PC. I recommend this game so much, although it can get a little repetitive, but collecting recourses is not the only thing you can do.  


My favorite part of this game is the attention to detail. The scenery is beautiful, the textures are extremely detailed, and Hello Games even made background sounds that represent the nature around you. But, although this is a great game, there are a few things that –in my opinion—are not the best, starting with the issue of it getting repetitive. Since the game starts off with you having to collect recourses, it easily gets boring, but this can be resolved by simply doing something else such as leading words from language stones, or trading. Another issue is the “hidden” loading screen when you jump from galaxy to galaxy. It is a really cool idea, but I feel like it could have been perfected a tiny bit more. 


Those are really the only serious problems I can think of, which is really good. I hope that if you play No Man’s Sky, you will love it (I’m pretty sure you will). Have fun playing! 

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