Book Review: Virals

Emily Reed, Staff Writer

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Super powers are a myth that everyone wants at some point. We all want to be able to fly, or be able to read everyone’s mind. But what about having the senses of a wolf?

Tory Brennan is always up for adventure. But when her mom dies in a car crash, she is to be sent to live with her dad that she has never met before on a small island in South Carolina. There, she meets three boys, Hiram, Shelton, and Ben. They spend most of their time exploring the lands of Loggerhead Island, where the very prestigious and off-limits LIRI (Loggerhead Island Research Institute) is, where they suspect something weird going on inside. Deciding to investigate, they end up rescuing a stray wolf-dog puppy from a lab that is top-secret to even the employees. Then, because of this dog, (which they end up calling Cooper), they are exposed to a rare disease – canine parvovirus – changing everything about them, and their DNA forever. So now they are more than friends; a pack. VIRALS. Dauntless, and dangerous. But are they able to stop a murderer?

Virals is book 1 of 5 of the Virals series. This book will get you lost within a second. Once you start, you will never finish. I have never been in love with a series more than this one. It is definitely one of my favorites. And when someone asks me for a book recommendation, (which is quite often), my immediate response would be, “Virals”.

I read all the time, and I am very picky with what I read. I really am quite the book critique. If a book doesn’t really interest me within the first 3 or 4 chapters, I ditch it. But this book had me hooked within the first sentence. Out of 5 stars, I’d rate this a 6. And if you don’t like reading . . . trust me, this very book will make you.

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