Storks Movie Review

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Storks Movie Review

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You’ve probably heard of this movie on the TV or other places with ads (like YouTube). This funny film was made by Warner Bros. or Warner animation, and is a masterpiece in our opinion.

The Plot (spoiler free)

Storks always deliver babies, no matter how long, harsh, or even deadly the situation is… but not anymore. Storks now work at an online company (just like where they do not deliver babies, but casual products. The main characters in this movie are an orphan girl that they call Tulip and a Stork with a dream to be the boss of the, until Nate (an only child who just wants someone to play with) writes a letter to the storks. After that, a baby was made so the stork and the girl had no other choice but to deliver the little child. Throughout the story they have to go through wolves, penguins, and a very funny pigeon to get the baby home to its family. Will they deliver the baby? Yes, no – you’ll have to see the movie to find out.

Donovan’s review:

I think this is an amazing work of animation. there were almost no dull or boring  moments in the movie, and it didn’t seem too long or too short. The only bad thing in the movie was there were no real tear jerkers (but that’s coming from a guy who’s only had watery eyes watching Big Hero 6, my favorite movie). Other than that, it was a hilarious movie. I found myself laughing out loud – something I never do. I rate this movie 4.5/5 egg stars.

Ismael’s review:

This is so far the first movie I am reviewing, so it is on the top 1 best movies. I really liked this movie, just because of the comedy and the plot. It’s just really original. This is definitely a movie you won’t compare to another because it’s just really original. This film deserves a four-star review in my opinion because of the well-done animation and the comedy placed in the appropriate places of the film.

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