Movie Review: “A Wrinkle in Time”

Cameron Mowers, Staff Writer

With a $35 million gross so far at the box office, “A Wrinkle in Time” is a very successful film. Originally a book written by Madeline L’engel with 3 sequels, the novel is a little bit different than the 2018 film. Quite a bit, so for the sake of the article, I will not list all the differences here.  

The diversity is one difference, like making Ms. Witch an African American woman (Oprah was lit by the way.) And making Charles Wallace adopted but still holding the same capacity for love for his sister. It was very basic at its core, the theme primarily being good versus evil. Easy to understand for the whole family.  

One thing I should mention is if you are looking for action, this film does not provide the slightest. If you’re an action movie lover then go watch “Black Panther,” which was good too. I enjoyed the film very much and would rate it 5 stars. If given the opportunity, I would watch it again any day for the humor, love, and simplicity of this film.