Spotlight on Ms. Jones

Autumn Buckmaster, Staff Writer

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Ms. Jones, the librarian of our school, has some unexpected interests and talents. She loves the color blue, taking walks, cooking, knitting, and homemade crafts. However, she is a true librarian with good taste in books like Pride and Prejudice, Wonder, and The Martian.

With her schedule of reading and students, we know she obviously has no time for herself because she is so compassionate to the rest of, but she has time to dream. When asked what her perfect day look like, it looked like our weekends. Sleeping late on a sunny beautiful afternoon, then eating foods you know you shouldn’t have like Chipotle and pizza. In mid-day she could go to the park. She would be with friends by the evening, and top her night off with, of course, a little light reading. Just a couple hundred pages or so of some mystery, realistic fiction, or maybe some elegant historical fiction.

We were lucky to get a librarian as sweet as Ms. Jones. We probably get along with her so well because we are her favorite age group. This school is a perfect fit for her, and we are very lucky to have her here at PKMS!


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