Mrs. Cavalluzzi in the Spotlight

Kenneth Barnett, Staff Writer

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Mrs. Cavalluzzi is a seventh and eighth grade science teacher, and she’s been teaching at PKMS since it opened! Before coming to PKMS, she also taught at other local middle schools. Even if you already knew that, what else do you really know about her?

Her favorite field of science is astronomy, and she loves to garden and spend time with her family (especially her grandbabies.) Her perfect day is when she helps a student in need.

With her teaching experience at Paul Kinder, Mrs. Cavalluzzi must have at least a few funny stories: here’s one… Once upon a time, she and one of her eighth grade classes were doing a field study. It was raining and it was muddy. She went down to a ditch to get a sample, and…she slipped. In the mud. She ended up with a whole body full of mud!

After 27 years of teaching, Mrs. Cavalluzzi is retiring after this school year. She is a great teacher and we are so lucky to have had her here at Paul Kinder!