Spotlight on Kylee Moore

Haylee Payne, Staff Writer

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Recently, I talked with Kylee Moore, our student council president, so that I could ask her a few questions. Student council is a club made up of the students. They do lots of fundraising activities like Penny Wars, as well as the Anti-Bullying t-shirts and assembly at the beginning of the school year. They have also brought us BYOD days and doughnut days.

Kylee really likes student council because it’s a lot of fun and because she likes hanging out with her friends. She wanted to be the president because she likes being a leader. She recommends student council to anyone because it’s a good experience and you get to meet fun people. She thinks that the best thing they are going to do this year is the eighth grade dance at the end of the year.

We switched gears from student council and started talking about sports. Kylee plays softball and basketball. She plays catcher and short stop in level 18A. That’s the highest of the high, for you non-softball people. She also played basketball for the Grizzlies girl basketball team and was known for her clutch 3-point baskets.

Kylee is a busy person. Say hi to Kylee if you see her in the halls.


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