Spotlight on Mrs. Payton

Trey Vermilion and Shelby Waters

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We interviewed Mrs. Payton to see how she was adapting to being a new teacher and teaching a new subject. We also found out some things that she likes to do after school and what some of her favorite things are.

When we asked Mrs. Payton what her favorite part about teaching was, she said, “Getting to know the students. There is a lot of diversity and uniqueness to the students here at PKMS.” She also said, “It’s challenging. I can’t use lessons from my time teaching Social Studies. I love teaching Reading, though!”

She told us that she expected some things to be different. We asked what she meant and she explained to us that she used to substitute and expected the students to warm up to her very fast. She said, “It was quite the eye opener.”

Mrs. Payton also has a life outside of school, and she enjoys watching the movie, “Pride and Prejudice.” She likes both the actress Keira Knightley and the author of the book, Jane Austen. She likes listening to the soundtrack from the musical, “Hamilton,” and is currently waiting to read the newest book in the Red Queen series, which is her favorite.

Her favorite season is definitely fall because of the pumpkin spice lattes. Enough said. Ms. Payton played sports throughout high school and into college. “I tried to play as many as possible,” she told us.

Her biggest inspiration to become a teacher was her own teachers. They helped her through hard times and pushed her a lot. Then, when she went into college, she fell in love with teaching.

As a teacher, she hopes so give students the freedom that they need on projects and seeing what they can do. She wants to keep it interesting and fun, as long as it doesn’t get too out of hand.

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