Student Spotlight: Allie Brown

Lou Bellinghausen, Staff Writer

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Allie Brown is a math prodigy, great student, kind person, and she is involved in lots of in-school and out-of-school activities. She is known school-wide by many teachers and students and is liked by most who meet her. She also has two loving cats at home, Grace and Buttercup. One thing she is especially gifted with and proud of is tennis. Allie is now a great tennis player but it hasn’t always been that way.

Tennis was not the first sport that Allie wanted to master. First it was soccer but she says that she didn’t enjoy it on the field because she was, “too nice.” She said that, “I would just get pushed down and I didn’t want to push other people so I didn’t stay in soccer for very long.” Also, her parents wanted her to go into cheer, gymnastics and dance first. She was part of cheer for about two years and gymnastics for one and she is still part of dance. After all of this she found tennis and even though her parents would have liked her to continue in cheer or gymnastics they supported and helped her to get to the level she is at now.

Allie started her tennis career at the age of five. Originally she wanted to play tennis because she liked the skirts they wore. As she got more into it, she continued to play for fun and to make friends. She has now been playing tennis for eight years and she plans to play all the way through college. Unlike most people who get serious about sports, she doesn’t want to be an Olympian because, “It costs a lot, requires lots of training, and I want to have a childhood.” Right now Allie is ranked at the 27th spot in Missouri Valley which includes 14 year-old girls from Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. She says that it has been very hard to get to this level and that it took many years of hard work and dedication to reach.

Along the way, Allie has had many accidents that led to injury. Just to name a few she has had a stress fracture, strained arm, fractured shin (current), tennis elbow multiple times, and a strained trapezius muscle. The list goes on. She has made many friends through tennis but some rivalries have been formed. She also recommends tennis for people who want to start a new sport young or old because it is a lifetime sport that almost anyone can learn and enjoy. One piece of advice she has if you do start playing tennis is to never give up and to never hit the couch or you will have to do push-ups.

Allie told me about one of her favorite memories with her tennis club when three of the girls were doing the push-up test and all of the boys made bets on who would win. The girls doing the push-up test were Allie, a freshman, and a sophomore. All of the boys bet that the freshman would get the most push-ups but in the end Allie won. Allie is a great friend and an inspiration for her hard working, can do spirit.

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