Student Spotlight: Naia Montgomery

Emily Reed, Staff Writer

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Everyone thinks that Naia Teree Montgomery is just another face they see in the hallway. Yet when I see her, I give her a smile and a very weird look simply because she won’t judge me. Montgomery has a story worth writing about, and this is only part of it.

Naia Montgomery is another one of our 7th grade staff members for Grizzly Gazette. At first, Naia wasn’t really convinced that Grizzly Gazette was for her. But current staff member Trinity Mouhssine wanted her to join, and Naia was selected for the staff. Though she prefers to write her articles alone, Naia enjoys being on the staff because she loves to write and spend time with her friends. Her favorite articles to write are current events around the world and at school, and she also likes writing about things that are very popular with our students. Something she’s been able to take out of Grizzly Gazette is simply increasing her love for journalism.

Naia was also involved with our PKMS school play, Transylmania. Her character was Amunet, or the husband of Hotep, played by Ismael Cervantes. When people audition for plays or musicals, it’s usually because they love theatre, or because it’s a way to make new friends. But that’s not why Naia auditioned. Naia told me, “I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself,” and I know that’s exactly what she did. Transylmania was Naia’s first production she’s been involved with, and she said that she loved that she was able to learn how to yell at people!

Montgomery is just like everyone else in that she loves watching Netflix, talking to friends, and “Facetiming with friends without showing my face because I’m ugly” (which she really isn’t). Her favorite movie is “Mean Girls” and her favorite song is “Best Mistake” by Ariana Grande. Naia is an extraordinary girl, and Paul Kinder Middle School is lucky to have her.

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