Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Buchanan

Kyleigh Zimmerman, Staff Writer

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Mr. Buchanan is a man who manages to teach for seven hours and have two clubs, then goes to school to become a principal himself. Mr.Buchanan is dedicated to his students and to teaching.  

He teaches social studies and has walking club and history club. He is engaged to his wonderful girlfriend Emily, and he proposed to her in Florida last summer on the beach. He is so incredible if there’s ever a blue moment he will make it all delightful. This is his 3rd year of teaching and second year teaching social studies. history club started at the beginning of the year, and they meet Monday mornings.

His favorite animal is a shark. He and his cousin used to go fishing by the ocean and would catch sharks, so he got a tattoo of a shark on his right arm after his cousin passed away from cancer. 

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